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This year Sailability Pittwater celebrates 20 years of “Freedom on the Water” in our local area. After initially trying Narrabeen Lagoon, too shallow, and BYRA, low tide issues, we settled on Rowland Reserve Bayview, our current home. With lots of support from local groups and businesses, and especially Pittwater Council, we have excellent facilities including a storage shed in the Council compound. More recently Pittwater RSL, through their Club Grants program, have allowed us to upgrade our fleet of specially designed Hansa 303 dinghies. Sailability is a totally Volunteer run program, providing sailing for people with a disability of all ages and abilities. Many of our volunteers have enjoyed sailing for many years and want to give back to the community and share this with people with a disability. In celebrating 20 years, we especially applauded Lindsay and Maria Dalmon, an inspiring couple living with Cerebral Palsy who have been sailing with us from the very start. Sailability has allowed Lindsay & Maria to sail competitively at all levels including regattas in France, Greece and Japan, winning many trophies along the way, Lindsay being voted the Disabled Sailor of the Year in 2003. Nowadays they enjoy sailing a pair of Access 2.3 Electric dinghies, where they can control the rudder and mainsheet with a joystick . Another great success story is Alyse Saxby, who started sailing with a school group 10 years ago and has now achieved 1 Silver and 2 Gold medals at Special Olympics. She now sails high performance dinghies with Sailability Crystal Bay at PRAYC Newport. For more information on Sailability go to www.sailabilitynsw.org/pittwater Continue...

1 Fleet Update September 2016

at the end of 2015 we replaced 2 of our older Access 303s with new models, thanks to the generosity of the St George Foundation, and accumulated funds from Pittwater and Avalon RSL Club Grants programs. One we named St George with its red deck and sails, while the other is named Little Digger and has blue deck and sails. Along with our two electric 2.3 singles and two Access Breezes, we have four 303s all in very good condition. Continue...


Sailability lives up to its name in Pittwater. It allows sailors with a wide range of disability to have “freedom on the water” at whatever level they wish to attempt. At the simplest level that might be simply enjoying being on the water while a competent volunteer controls the boat to solo sailing and even racing competitively. The pleasure the experience gives to our clients is palpable to all the volunteers and is a strong motivator to all of us. Pittwater Sailability enhances the lives of its volunteers in many ways. People with all sorts of skills fulfil vital rolls that makes the sailing day so special. Only a full on team effort delivers a good sailing day. There is a great spirit of camaraderie among the volunteers and sailors. Everyone is valued and “belongs”. Some of the most “fun” days are had merely doing maintenance while taking the “mickey” out of MM. There is no doubt that everyone does their best all the time. Non sailing volunteers are also able to learn to sail and even compete when boats are available for regattas. They can also volunteer to assist at a wide range of regattas for boats used by disabled and able bodied sailors. These regattas may be at local, state, national or even world level. The club runs special training opportunities for both sailors and officials when regattas are coming up. Quite a few volunteers assist other clubs running regattas for disabled sailors. Pittwater Sailability provided nearly all the volunteers needed to support sailors of all nations contesting the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney. One of the best things about being part of Sailability is the social contact we have with our sailors. The courage, fortitude and good humour displayed by these sailors has filled us with admiration. The sailors have become more than “clients” but are also our friends. Our local politicians have been included in all our formal ceremonies and this has raised their awareness of the difficulties faced by the disabled. Many of us have helped lobby for change and are delighted that the NDIS will improve the lives of many disabled people. Continue...


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7/02/2018 - 9LFACS program
10/02/2018 - 9MRecreational Sailing
21/02/2018 - 9NFACS program
24/02/2018 - 9ORecreational Sailing
7/03/2018 - 9PFACS program
10/03/2018 - 9QRecreational Sailing


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If in doubt if sailing is on Ring 02 99440518 after 7:30am - a recorded message will advise of any Continue...



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