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Welcome to Sailability Port Macquarie
Freedom on the water, regardless of ability

Sailability Port Macquarie offers a sailing experience to organised groups of people with a disability who have little or no previous sailing experience. This approach has allowed us to provide a designated time period for individuals in an organised group to participate in and learn something about sailing a dinghy. See `About Us` for more details.

What boats do we sail?
We have a fleet of 9 Access 303s. Sailed by one or two people, the 303 has two sails and is steered with a joystick located in front of the sailors. A one metre keel (actually a weighed centreboard) offers outstanding stability. Seating is side by side and sailors recline in a webbing `lazy chair`.

New Clients Welcome!

Sailing at McInherney Park on Wednesdays from first Wednesday of October through to last Wednesday of May each year, click the Location link for more details.

See `Contact Us` for contact details