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How Much Is A 30ft Searay Sport Yacht? (Solved)

How much does a Sea Ray boat cost?

  • How much do Sea Ray boats cost? Sea Ray boats for sale on Boat Trader are listed for a range of prices, valued from $7,500 on the lower-end all the way up to $1,195,100 for the more costly models. Higher performance models now listed have motors up to 2,102 horsepower, while more compact more functional models may have as modest as 135

How much does a new Sea Ray boat cost?

New Sea Ray boats, $40,000 – $150,000 – Boat technical specs and model comparison – The Boat Guide.

How much does a 2020 Sea Ray cost?

The 2020 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 is Yacht Certified, with a fuel capacity of 220 gallons. It comes with a 350-hp Twin Mercury 350 Verado engine with joystick control and has a starting price of approximately $376,549.

Are Sea Ray Bowriders good boats?

Most owners seem to be happy with Sea Ray boats, and they generally hold up well compared to other similar brands in terms of durability. Overall, Sea Ray can be considered to be a good, reliable brand.

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How much is the new Sea Ray Sundancer 370?

$749,828.00. The Sundancer 370 Outboard is the embodiment of elegance, athleticism and sophistication. Every inch of the vessel has been thoughtfully designed to maximize space and function making it perfect for day trips or weekend stays.

What is the difference between the Sea Ray SLX and SDX?

SDX models are “SUVs of the water.” With plush seating and lots of storage space, they’re made to seat everyone in your group and store your watersports gear. SLX models offer the widest range of boats. They’re ideal for entertaining and day trips, and offer a sleek look, luxurious amenities and multiple social areas.

How much is an average yacht?

New yachts in the 50′-70′ range will vary depending on the model, engines, additional options, and added features. In general, yacht models can range in price anywhere from $500,000 and upwards of $10,000,000, depending on size, year, and model. Let’s take a look at the classifications of yachts.

Does Sea Ray still make yachts?

June 26, 2018, Brunswick released that for the benefit of the overall company and Sea Ray, they will not sell the Sea Ray brand and focus their efforts on building the best sport boats and cruisers up to 40 feet. In doing so, Sea Ray will discontinue production of sport yacht and yacht models.

Can you tow a Sea Ray 320?

The specs state that in order to pull close to 19000 lbs, you need a fifth wheel hitch and a goosneck trailer.

Why are Sea Ray boats so cheap?

In the early Sea Ray days of the 1970’s and 80’s, the boats were not particularly well-built compared to the same luxury-level models of similar size and style. But at the price point they were offered, it became a more affordable boating option to middle-class America.

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Which is better chaparral or Sea Ray?

When you compare Sea Ray and Chaparral based on quality, selection, and price – it is clear Chaparral is the better choice. Not only do they have higher quality boats with more selection and innovative designs, but they are at a lower price point.

Which is better Sea Ray or Cobalt?

Sea Ray is more forward looking in styling and design. The Cobalt would be a good choice for a small water environment; the Sea Ray may handle better due to superior engineering. Sea Ray will be a higher demand boat and have better dealer service.

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