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How To Get Everything On The Yacht The Forest? (Best solution)

How do you get items on the back of the yacht?

  • You can crouch through the back platform to get the items on it. Be careful, though. I was killed by a shark while standing on the back. I thought it was just going to swim right under me, but nope. Instant dead. The yacht? You can crouch through the back platform to get the items on it. Be careful, though.

How do you get the keycard for the yacht in the forest?

It can be found next to the Resurrection Obelisk only after defeating the End Boss. It is located on the inventory screen backpack next to the first Keycard. It appears much cleaner than the other keycards. Additionally, the gold colored Keycard Two may be used to unlock the security door on the Yacht.

Where is the yacht in the forest?

Location. The sailing boat is located in the southern part of the island. It is east of the great tree. One can find it easily by heading away from the snowy mountains in the north or by walking along the shore line.

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Who is the red man in the forest?

Matthew Cross, also known as the Red Man or the Red Cannibal, is the primary (though mostly unseen) antagonist of The Forest. He is first seen at the plane crash, kidnapping the player’s son, Timmy.

What is the best weapon in the forest?

[Top 5] The Forest Best Melee Weapons And How To Get Them

  • 5) Upgraded Spear (best for hunting)
  • 4) Katana (the fastest in combat)
  • 3) Club (among the best for combat and design)
  • 2) Chainsaw (the best for cutting down trees)
  • 1) Modern Axe (the absolute best for combat)

Can cannibals swim the forest?

Cannibals and most mutants cannot swim, though occasionally they can enter the water and not die. They can, however, walk a little distance into the water, although they will avoid further than waist deep.

What does the artifact in the yacht do?

there are two functions of the Artifact, switching it to Red Mode will Attract the enemies and switching it Blue mode will Repel the Mutants. You can place the artifact on the ground with “C” to attract all the enemies and kill them or set it up on your base to protect it.

How many endings are in the forest?

The game features two endings: If Eric activates the artifact, he causes another plane to crash and finds a sacrifice to revive Timmy.

Where is the vault door in the forest?

Opening the Vault Door advances the story and provides access to the Sahara Laboratory. It is located at the end of Cave HC (Hell Cave).

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Where is the end boss in the forest?

The End Boss is an enemy with several appendages, created from a small child named Megan Cross, using the Resurrection Obelisk. It can be found in the research lab and as a late-game enemy.

What does red paint do in the forest?

The red paint induces a passive, non-hostile state in the cannibals, who will sit and kneel, or at the very least, back away. Dr. Cross knows to use Red Paint to induce the passive state in the cannibals. Red paint can be located all over the island, notably in three different large cannibal camps.

What is the Sahara keycard for in the forest?

The keycard is used to open the vault door at the very end of Cave HC (Hell Cave) entered through the underwater crevice found in the bottom of the sinkhole.

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