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What Kind Of Shoes To Wear When Working On A Yacht As Stew? (Question)

Are You allowed to wear shoes on a yacht?

  • If shoes are allowed on deck, keep in mind that they should be soft-soled “boat shoes”. Many yachts are pet-friendly, but check in advance. Give the crew a chance to make up the beds, do the laundry and perhaps service the various systems while you spend time onshore exploring or shopping.

What kind of shoes should I wear on a yacht?

You want shoes with non-slip, non-marking soles. Most non-marking soles are made of rubber. Leather soles will generally leave marks on the deck. Deck shoes are generally a safe choice, but if you don’t have these, you could also use sneakers with light rubber soles.

What to wear working on a yacht?

A light jacket or jumper is all you need. On that one day it rains, buy a small foldable umbrella. Other than that, casual summer clothes like dresses, skirts, t-shirts, shorts, swimwear, a beach towel or sarong and sunglasses really are the staples of a yachting wardrobe.

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Do you wear shoes on a yacht?

Many yachts have a “bare feet” rule that shoes stay outside the cabin, and others ask that no shoes be worn on deck too. If shoes are allowed on deck, keep in mind that they should be soft-soled “boat shoes”. Many yachts are pet-friendly, but check in advance.

What should I bring to a yacht stew?

Main Travel Bag

  1. Underwear: You can’t ever bring enough underwear.
  2. Socks.
  3. Shoes: The basics are: (1) flip-flops/jandals/sandals (2) sport/hiking shoes (3) a pair of all-rounder heals (for a night out on the town, that fancy meal your charter guests decided to invite the whole crew to).

Why do you remove shoes on a yacht?

One of the main reasons why the crew and guests have to leave their shoes in the shoe basket is to avoid damaging the yacht. Stiletto heels can dent wood floors and shoe soles can leave scuff marks on the deck. Also, the crew and guests need to take care when walking on lighter colored carpet too.

What are the best shoes to wear on a boat?

Sandals and thongs (flip-flops, not the men’s bathing suit, eeewww) are great for boat wear, because they’re comfy and due to their open design, water drains immediately from around your feet.

Do you have to be skinny to work on a yacht?

This isn’t to say you have to be extremely slim to work onboard, you just have to be a healthy weight as the job is physically demanding and you must be fit for sea. Crew members are generally an extension of the yacht they work on. Sailing yachts can be more casual with some known not be as strict as motor yachts.

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What do you say when Dockwalking?

Be polite, say thank you, offer your availability should some “day work” come up, smile and head on to the next yacht. Don’t skip any yachts (day work is day work, sail yacht or motor yacht, deck position or interior position), everyone has to start somewhere.

What should I bring on a yacht?

Here’s a list of items that you absolutely need to have with you every time you’re out on a boat.

  • Passport & Boating Documents.
  • Soft-sided Luggage.
  • Smaller Grab-Bag.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Ziplock Bags.
  • Prescriptions & Seasickness Pills.
  • First Aid Kit.

Why do yacht crew not wear shoes?

Yes, many Below Deck fans seem to be taking issue with how the yachties’ feet look this season. The crew members and guests are generally not permitted to wear shoes on board the yacht so as to prevent damaging the floors, which explains why they don’t always look the cleanest after a hard day’s work.

Can you wear socks on a yacht?

Wear them with visible socks: A big no-no when it comes to boat shoes is to wear them with visible socks. There is, however, an exception to this rule: no show socks allow you to keep the comfort of having socks without actually seeing them.

What is a drop towel on a yacht?

The Drop Towel fixes a problem we’ve all encountered when rigging up. For folks who have high-end boat covers, a variant of this hack is simply to leave the cover on while rigging the boat. The cover catches anything you drop just as well as the towel, plus you don’t have to bend down as far to retrieve it.

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What should I pack for a day on a yacht?

Check the list of what your boat will come with, and then ensure that you remember to bring along:

  • Passport and licenses and copies of each.
  • Soft-sided luggage like a backpack or duffle bag.
  • Sunblock.
  • “Dry Bags” or ZipLock bags for money and electronics.
  • Travel size shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

What do you wear when walking on a dock?

The standard outfit for dockwalking is normally a White Polo Tshirt, Khaki Shorts and a nice pair of comfortable shoes. You are going to be walking a lot, so you want your feet to be happy. Make sure that your clothes are clean, tucked in, and you’re wearing a nice belt. If you have access to iron, use it.

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