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Where Does Kenny Chesney Keep His Yacht? (Correct answer)

Plus, while many country stars own trucks, tractors and lots of land in the country, Chesney owns a 60-foot yacht and takes up residence in the Virgin Islands.

Does Kenny Chesney still live on St. John?

Country music star Kenny Chesney, who lives in St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands when he isn’t on tour, started sending supplies and helping get people off the islands and to the continental U.S. soon after the hurricane. He also established a foundation called Love for Love City.

Who is Kenny Chesney’s boat captain?

John McInnis and Ben, Kenny’s boat captain, head to Jost van Dyke.

Does Kenny Chesney own a jet?

Kenny Chesney’s Falcon 900EX Country singer Kenny Chesney owns a Falcon 900EX with N7KC as its registration. Again, KC stands for the singer’s initials.

Where is Kenny Chesney childhood home?

Chesney spent most of his childhood in the small town where he was born, near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Does Kenny Chesney have a child?

Most notably, the “There Goes My Life” crooner was married to ex-wife Renée Zellweger from May to September 20, but the former Hollywood couple never went on to have kids. Perhaps Kenny and Renée’s former romance is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

What house is Kenny Chesney selling?

Kenny Chesney Selling $14M Tennessee Mansion Known as Bella Luce. Country music star Kenny Chesney is strumming a goodbye tune to his estate in Franklin, TN. Available for $14 million, the Mediterranean villa on 56 acres is the most expensive listing in Franklin.

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