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Where Does The Engineer On A Charter Yacht Sleep? (Solved)

What are the duties of a yacht engineer?

  • There are several additional duties that the yacht engineer may be required to perform. In some ships, the engineer will also need to fix any equipment that may malfunction, including the refrigerator and dishwasher or even the hair dryers of the crew.

Where does the captain sleep on a yacht?

Rosbach adds that the room is located near the wheelhouse in case of an emergency. “It’s right behind the wheelhouse,” he wrote on Twitter. “That is generally where the Capt stays so he can be in proximity to the bridge when you are making long passages in case of an emergency.”

How much does a yacht engineer make?

Starting out as a 3rd or 4th engineer, you can expect to earn anywhere from $3,000 to $6,500 per month, and as you move up the ranks to 2nd engineer this increases from $5,000 to $8,000. In the top position, a chief yacht engineer salary can be anywhere between $8,500 to $13,500, depending on the size of the yacht.

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Do yacht crew sleep with guests?

Captain Lee Explains Why Crew Members Sleeping in Guest Cabins Is Such a Big Deal. The Below Deck captain says “guests rooms are off limits” for the crew — but he will make an exception. ” The guests’ rooms are off limits unless you have permission,” he said on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

What is it like working on a charter yacht?

While working on a superyacht sounds glamorous, in reality it can be anything but. But while some superyacht owners are demanding, others are less so — it really all depends on their personality. Some crew members said that owners and guests are more like regular people than you’d expect.

How much does it cost to rent the lady Michelle yacht?

According to the Burgess Yachts chartering site, chartering the Lady Michelle costs $275,000 per week during the summer and up to $310,000 per week during the peak winter season.

What does a 2nd engineer do on a yacht?

A second engineer is the chief engineer’s right hand and dependability is paramount. In this position, you have a good working knowledge of all yacht systems. At this level, you can complete basic maintenance and repair independently as well as effectively assist the chief on advanced projects.

How do I become a charter yacht engineer?

Standard Route:

  1. Hold a Diploma in Maritime Studies: Small Vessel Engineer.
  2. Complete Approved Engine Course I (AEC I) as well as The Approved Engine Course II (AEC II)
  3. Have completed 12 months’ combined sea service and workshop training.
  4. Complete the MNTB Small Vessel Training Record Book (TRB)
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What does it take to be an engineer on a yacht?

On large yachts this role requires ten plus years of vast engineering experience onboard yachts and a minimum of a MCA Y1 – Y2 level license based on vessel requirements. There will be several engineers reporting to the chief engineer so leadership, management and training are also integral to this position.

Why don’t you wear shoes on a yacht?

Make sure you respect the barefoot rule There is a good reason for this rule: heels can damage the teak decks and and dirty soles can leave unsightly scuff marks. However, shoes are sometimes allowed on deck, but they should always be soft-soled deck shoes.

Why do you go barefoot on a yacht?

One of the main reasons why the crew and guests have to leave their shoes in the shoe basket is to avoid damaging the yacht. Stiletto heels can dent wood floors and shoe soles can leave scuff marks on the deck. Also, the crew and guests need to take care when walking on lighter colored carpet too.

Do yacht owners tip their crew?

The custom of guests leaving a tip for the crew at the end of their yacht vacation has become so ingrained in the industry that most crew working aboard charter yachts expect to be rewarded for their efforts with a pile of money on top of their salaries.

What does a yacht girl do?

Women installed on yachts in Cannes during the film festival are called “yacht girls,” and the line between professional prostitutes and B- or C-list Hollywood actresses and models who accept payment for sex with rich older men is sometimes very blurred, explains one film industry veteran.

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How much does a crew member make on a charter yacht?

The deckhands usually make around $3,500-$4,500 a month, while a bosun would make a little bit more at approximately $5,000 a month. But don’t forget at the end of every charter, the whole crew gets a tip from the guests on the boat.

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