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In What Ways Did Europeans Owe Some Of Their Sailing Technology? (Question)

Explanation: The compass was developed in China, and the sail came from traders in the Mediterranean. The astrolabe, used for navigation, was invented by islamic nations.

In what ways did Europeans owe much of their sailing technology to other peoples?

In what ways did Europeans owe some of their sailing technology to other people? They got the magnetic compass from China, the astrolabe from the Muslim culture, and the triangular sails from the Arabic culture.

What did the Europeans wanted to find to expand trade with the East?

In the 15th century, Europe sought to expand trade routes to find new sources of wealth and bring Christianity to the East and any newly found lands.

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Why did the Europeans want to explore the East quizlet?

they did want to expand their knowledge of other lands, but they mainly just wanted to convert others to christianity, establish more trade, colonize, and make more money.

What role did the Renaissance play in the launching an age of exploration?

What role did the renaissance play in launching the age of exploration? The renaissance meant that the Europeans now wanted luxury items and wealth, which caused the age of exploration. What European countries were competing for Asian trade during the age of exploration?

What were the European motives behind European exploration in the 1400’s explain?

Historians generally recognize three motives for European exploration and colonization in the New World: God, gold, and glory.

What were the effects of colonization on Europeans?

Colonialism’s impacts include environmental degradation, the spread of disease, economic instability, ethnic rivalries, and human rights violations —issues that can long outlast one group’s colonial rule.

How did European expansion impact European society?

European expansion into the Western Hemisphere caused intense social/religious, political, and economic competition in Europe and the promotion of empire building.

What was an effect of European exploration in the Americas?

Colonization ruptured many ecosystems, bringing in new organisms while eliminating others. The Europeans brought many diseases with them that decimated Native American populations. Colonists and Native Americans alike looked to new plants as possible medicinal resources.

What caused European expansion?

Main Reasons For European Exploration In The 15th And 16th Century. Trade with Asia and Africa was shrinking, Europe’s gold supply was drained, and spices were growing in demand, forcing Europe to send explorers in search of new resources and trade.

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How did the arrival of the Europeans affect the people of the East?

How did the arrival of Europeans affect the peoples of the East in general? It did not greatly affect them, for European influence did not spread much beyond the port cities of the East. The treaty revealed that Europeans had a low view of non-Europeans and considered their land to be free for the taking.

Which technological advancement was the most important for European exploration?

One of the most important technological innovations of the time was the advent of the Caravel. This relatively diminutive sailing vessel found many uses during the Age of Exploration. First developed by the Portuguese in the 15th Century, these ships would become the workhorses of the seas.

What inspired Europeans to explore in the 1400’s what made it possible for them to begin these explorations?

For the most part, however, Europeans had neither the interest nor the ability to explore foreign lands. That changed by the early 1400s. The desire to grow rich and to spread Christianity, coupled with advances in sailing technology, spurred an age of European exploration. the main reason for European exploration.

How did European battles for Indian Ocean trade?

How did the European Battles for Indian Ocean trade affect the peoples of Asia before the 19th century? The peoples of Asia remained unaffected. By defeating all their other competetors, they influenced the Europeans to explore as well. The Europeans simply wanted a share of the profit.

What were the motives behind European exploration in the 1400s Explain quizlet?

Some key motives for Europeans during the Age of Exploration was they wanted to find a new sea route to Asia, they wanted knowledge, they wanted to spread Christianity, they wanted wealth and glory, and they wanted spices.

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