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What Gear Does Les Claypool Use For Sound On Sailing Seas Of Cheese? (Question)

For the most part of his career, Claypool has been a devotee to Mesa/Boogie amplifiers, using their heavy, thumping tone in conjunction with his vapid slapped and tapped style to form the sonic basis of his playing in Primus.

What kind of bass does Les Claypool play?

  • Claypool has also been known to own and play other eccentric bass guitar models including his own designed Pachyderm maple bass, a fair share of upright Kay Basses, and others. See the full list below. Perhaps Les’s first main bass after a few years with his first Memphis Precision, and Ibanez EQ.

What equipment does Les Claypool use?

According to tech Ryan Becker, for live shows these days, Claypool’s basses feed a Shure UR4D wireless system; after a switcher, his signal encounters a Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler, Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler, and first-generation Boomerang Phrase Sampler.

What distortion does Les Claypool use?

For the last Primus album (Animals Should not Act Like People) he was using the bigger Line 6 Distortion modeler and the DL4 delay pedal. For the tour he was busting out the Virus synth (which he started using around the Antipop era) for its crazy phasor sounds and some filtering.

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What tremolo does Les Claypool use?

Les’ fifth bass is a 36” scale 4 String fretted bolt on with a 1/8 layer of Macassar Ebony covering the whole top and headstock. It has 24 frets, two EMG-40DC pickups and includes a black Kahler tremelo. Note the re-cut lower horn in later photos.

What base does Les Claypool play?

Carl’s most popular endorsee is Les Claypool of the band Primus, who plays and owns seven Carl Thompson basses, his most famous being the Rainbow Bass, a six-string fretless bass made of several different woods.

Does Les Claypool use a 6 string?

Claypool’s infamous instrument features a unique multi-wood construction made by combining strips of curly maple, walnut, padauk, purple heart, ebony and cocobolo, and boasts six strings with absolutely zero frets.

Is Les Claypool self taught?

Les Claypool is not an average bass player by any means. Because he was self-taught, he plays the instrument in a unique way that previously hadn’t really been explored. He relies heavily on hammering the frets and slap bass, which, while common in funk, hadn’t really been used much in alternative rock.

Does Les Claypool use a pick?

Les Claypool uses both. I say start off with fingers then if you want, move onto the pick.

How tall is Les Claypool?

However, some common pieces of gear have routinely been in the mix through the years. Les’s weapons of choice in the amp world have bounced between Mesa, Ampeg, and Gallen Kruger. Specifically, he uses Mesa Boogie 400+ the most.

What resonator bass does Les Claypool use?

Les Claypool, vocalist and bass guitarist of bands such as Primus, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, and Duo de Twang is shown playing a live 2016 performance with a modified Regal RD-05 Resonator Bass Guitar. He has the 3 port holes covered with a pickup which does not come stock on these models.

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What resonator bass does Les Claypool play?

Les Claypool uses Michael Kelly Bayou 4 Resonator Bass.

What microphone does Les Claypool use?

Les Claypool’s Shure 520DX Green Bullet Blues Harmonica Microphone | WhatGear™

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