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Where Was Sailing Into Love Filmed? (Solved)

“Sailing Into Love” was filmed in Canada’s British Columbia region (via Republic World), and primarily in a town called Victoria.

Where was sailing into love (2020) filmed?

  • Hence, it would be interesting to know where the Hallmark movie was actually filmed. ‘Sailing Into Love’ has been filmed entirely in Canada. Hallmark and Canada have had a special relationship as several projects by the network have been filmed in the country.

Where is Blue Island in the Hallmark movie Sailing Into Love?

More videos on YouTube Along with it, Blue Island is the centre of the plot. As per several media reports and IMDb, the film has been filmed in Canada. To be more specific, the Sailing Into Love was shot in the British Columbia region of Canada, in a charming town namely Victoria.

Where is the lighthouse in Sailing Into Love?

‘Sailing Into Love’ Was Filmed in Canada Although Blue Island isn’t real, the beautiful lighthouse is. It’s in Victoria, British Columbia. Here are photos from British Columbia and Vancouver during filming, shared by Samantha Kendrick, who is also in the movie.

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Where is Willow Bay and Blue Island?

Nonetheless, Willow Bay and Blue Island aren’t real places. However, the crew went on-location to film some of the scenes. In the same Hallmark Channel interview, McNally and Renee confirmed that Sailing into Love was filmed in Canada.

Is Chris McNally married?

McNally is not married, but claims he is ” quite at home wherever [my] dogs are” He now splits his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver as necessary. McNally is the cousin of actor and singer Drew Seeley.

Is there a Blue Island in Canada?

Blue Island, Nova Scotia.

Where are the Emma Fielding Mysteries filmed?

The three movies of the franchise are shot in the British Columbia region of Canada. The shooting has taken place in various parts of this westernmost province of Canada including Victoria, Colwood, Sidney, and Metchosin.

Who plays Jason in sailing into love?

Claire plans on attending three weddings all within one month to get another shot at love with her ex, Jason ( Gary Garneau ).

Where is the lighthouse in the Hallmark movies?

On July 30, the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film “One Summer” shot on location overnight at Southeastern North Carolina’s iconic Old Baldy Lighthouse on Bald Head Island, which is only accessible by boat.

Where was Sail Away filmed?

Sail Away is an American reality television series which follows ten teenagers sailing aboard the Simpatico off the Bahamas with assistance from their leader Nicolas Popov and Dragan Popov. There are no plans for a second series.

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Did Lucas Bryant sing in country at heart?

And yes, all three actors are really singing in the film. Lucas and Jessy sing the song ‘Life in a Love’ at Jenny’s bar; and Jessy and Niall sing ‘Ring in Front of You’ at the music festival.

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