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Who Sings Sailing Away? (Question)

Who sang the song Come Sail Away?

  • Come Sail Away. ” Come Sail Away ” is a song by American progressive rock group Styx, written and sung by primary singer and songwriter Dennis DeYoung and featured on the band’s seventh album The Grand Illusion (1977). Upon its release as the lead single from the album, “Come Sail Away” charted at #8 in 1978 on the Billboard Hot 100,

Who first recorded the song Sailing?

The singer-songwriter who helped compose Sir Rod Stewart’s famous 1975 hit song Sailing has died. Iain Sutherland and his brother Gavin recorded the song in 1972 before it became a worldwide hit for Sir Rod.

Who wrote song sailing?

“Sailing” was written by Gavin Sutherland, and recorded by him and his brother Iain in 1972; with Gavin on drums and Iain playing the harmonium, both brothers providing the vocals. It was produced by Muff Winwood and released on the Island Records label, peaking in the UK charts at number 54.

Did Christopher Cross really sail?

That night he would take home five Grammys in total. Three of the awards that night were for his introspective hit, “Sailing,” which (according to Cross) isn’t actually about sailing. “I picked sailing as a metaphor because I used to do some sailing with an older kind of ‘Big Brother’ person in my life,” he said.

How much did Chris Cross make?

Christopher Cross net worth: Christopher Cross is an award-winning American singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $10 million. In 1981, Christopher swept the four major Grammy award categories; Best Album, Best Record, Best Song and Best New Artist.

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Who is Christopher Cross wife?

He was involved in football and track and field. Cross was married to Roseanne Harrison from 1973 until the couple divorced in 1982. His 1988 marriage to Jan Bunch ended in a 2007 divorce. Cross has a son from his first marriage and two children from his second marriage, a son and daughter.

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